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Positive Discipline

Working & Communicating with Children

Adult Interaction Styles and Child Outcomes” from Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline S. Lillard

Intro to Motivation and Ch. 15 “Personal Relationship Building” from The Skillful Teacher by J. Saphier, et. al.

Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom

  • What is Positive Discipline and Relation to Montessori (pgs. 2-9)

  • Mistaken Goal Chart (pg. 13)

  • Positive Time-Out (pgs. 32-34)

  • The Brain in the Palm of your Hand Activity (pg. 31)

  • “Deciding what you will do” (pg. 20)

  • Teacher Follow Through and Classroom Harmony (pgs. 22-24)

  • Problem Solving Wheel of Choice (pg. 40)

Listening and Communicating

  • Reflective Listening Process (pgs. 35-39)

  • Motivational Curiosity Questions/Conversational Curiosity Questions (pg. 25)

  • Class Meeting Format and Flow (pgs. 41-50)

  • Praise vs. Encouragement (pg. 27)

Restorative Practices

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