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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

“A unique type of child appears, a ‘new child’; but really it is the child’s true ‘personality’ allowed to construct itself normally…. Once the child begins to concentrate, … [caprice, disorder, timidity, sloth, and extra-social behavior] disappear, and there remains only one type [of child] which has the characteristics [of concentration, work, discipline, sociability, and super-social behavior]…. The loss of all these superficial defects is not brought about by an adult, but by the child himself…. It is the most important single result of our whole work. The transition from one state to the other always follows a piece of work done by the hands with real things, work accompanied by mental concentration.”

- Montessori. The Absorbent Mind, pp. 203-204

Montessori Inclusion

Learning Differences/Neuro-Diversity

Montessori Strategies for Children with Learning Differences

Executive Functions & Self-Regulation (EF/SR)

Normalization & Deviations

Accommodations & Modifications

Trauma Informed Practices

Culturally Responsive Practices

Child Study

Action Research

Professional Learning

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